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SMEToolkit Mozambique is designed to help improve management practices of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Mozambican market. It include the following facilities:

1. This website - which is a repository of business information, tools and management software,  Business forms, all available for free. For users without access to the internet, the website is offered via a CD / DVD updated periodically;

2. Access to finance – which allows SMEs to get money for their businesses through partnerships with our partners;

3. Information - broadcasted through SMS (to your phone), email and in workshops;

4. Trainings - based on adult training methodologies to improve the performance of SMEs owners and managers.

Our target group is composed by: (1) SMEs owners and managers, (2) Business and Management lecturers and students, (3) Public and private entities which provide Enterprise Development Services. We assume that this target group needs appropriate solutions to improve management practices in emerging, competitive and dynamic markets. Our solutions are simple, free and easy to implement.